Procurement Services

Are you searching for a specific product or struggling to source one that suits your needs or budget?

Through our proficient and reliable network, we have access to direct manufacturers and offer the best prices by volume with widespread capabilities both in product range and delivery.

We are able to coordinate on product design, quality, compliance, and logistics to give you an all-encompassing service that will take the stress away from your source.

Our scope is not limited to the products we currently offer on our website. We are more than happy to take the time to research and provide you with a variety of options.

We do not charge for our Procurement Service, we will simply use our standard mark-up on our products and apply a delivery charge that is fair to both parties.

Why use a Procurement Service:

  • Reduce source research and delivery times.
  • Reduce supply chain disruptions.
  • Safeguard quality with trusted partners. National and International compliant products and companies.

Please fill out the form below or contact to find out more about what we can do for you.