POLYPAL Pallet Racking

POLYPAL racks for palletised cargo are solutions designed and adapted for storage on pallets or on other elements such as containers and big bags.

Depending on the type of merchandise, weights, volumes, sizes, rotation or its handling, among other variables, determine the type of palletised cargo solution needed in your warehouse.

paletizacion convencional

Conventional Pallet Racking

The conventional palletising storage system is specially designed for the storage of palletised loads and containers.

carga paletizada pasillo estrecho

Narrow Aisle Racking

The design of these shelves is based on the conventional palletising system, reducing the space required for each aisle, and can be used to expand the storage area.

Estanteria drive in o compacta 2

Compact Racking

Compact storage system, ideal for storing a high number of pallets allowing maximum compaction, obtaining, for the same surface, a higher storage capacity than the conventional racking system.

Estanteria carro satelite

Satellite / Shuttle Trolley Racking

These storage systems are a specialised compact storage, where the movements of the pallets are carried out from the front of the load, without the need for the truck to enter the shelf.

carga paletizada dinamica

Dynamic Racking

These dynamic gravity storage systems for pallets are compact, block structures, where roller tracks are incorporated with a slight inclination that allow the pallets to slide on them.

Estanterias moviles de paletizacion

Mobile Racking

These mobile pallet racking storage systems are based on racks installed on motorised mobile platforms that move on rails embedded in the slab.