Plastic Drum Barrels

Here at ARM Workplace Equipment we are proud to offer a range of plastic open top and tight head drums, barrels, kegs from 30 litre to 220 litres.

One of the most popular solutions for storing and transporting liquids is certainly the classic blue plastic drum. Industrial plastic drums are one of the most commonly used storing, packaging and transporting solutions. Made from tough rigid plastic, these drums can last for a long time and can be sealed incredibly well. This means that they are often used to transport oils, juices, food flavourings and colourings, sauces and other liquids.

We supply both open top plastic drums and tight head plastic drums here at ITP, all available in a number of different sizes. While most often used in the food industry, our plastic containers are all UN approved making them suitable for the transport and storage of hazardous materials such as chemicals and detergents.

However, if you don’t see the drum you require in our shop please take the time to check out our Procurement Services page as we could still find a solution for you.

**We offer bulk discounts. Please check each product for their bespoke rates. For a tailored quote, please contact**